Hello, 2022!

Took a bit longer of a break than expected, but I think it will be well worth it! Got some great ideas and goals for this new year.

But first, let’s start with the old. I won’t prattle on again about how the year made me feel, but I am going to cover what I did (and did not) accomplish. First off, I started a new job that I love. I moved into the city, which I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I survived one more year of a hellish pandemic.

All that said, my crafty goals took a bit of a back seat this year, and that’s okay. Here’s a recap of how those goals went:

  • MakeNine2021 came so close!! I got them all save for the sweater (which was cast on and started, at least!). I’m calling this one a win, and looking forward to a twist this year.
  • My WIP Challenge was a miserable failure… I’m ending the year with five more WIPs than I started with. I’m revamping this one for the new year, too. More carrot and less stick.
  • Publish six new designs, for which I am only going to beat myself up on for wording. I didn’t publish anything, but I designed like crazy this year. The wild, free design of my youth where I just did it. I didn’t plan or write it out. Again, with the year I had, that was what I really needed.
  • Take a Tech Editing course which I actually did!! Have really gotten to utilize it yet, but still! Big, fat check on this one!

I’m not going to let these hold me back this year, though! I’ve found a lot of my crafting mojo again as I settle into my new routine, and I have big plans for 2022:

Nine grid of different yarns

MakeNine2022 for me this year will still be a bit prompt inspired. I’m not picking designs, but I am picking yarns! This way, they have to be stash projects. Which will be super helpful with…

My Queue Challenge. I have amassed so many cool projects and ideas that I haven’t been able to make them all. These beautiful yarns are just buried in my stash. My goal this year is to complete as many projects out of my queue as I can. Stay tuned for updates that will be similar to (but hopefully more triumphant than) the WIP Challenge posts.

Learn how to use my rigid heddle loom, because I’ve had it since my birthday and a perfect first project for it since October, so it’s high time I do that!

Learn how to use my knitting machine, because my aunt gave that to me this year, and imagine the possibilities!

#YearOfStitch, because I love a good challenge. Shannon of Badass Cross Stitch is hosting it to help people new to embroidery (and help us seasoned stitchers learn new stitches and master old). I’m thrilled with this month’s sampler, and can’t wait to share it!! Unless, you know, you’d like to do this challenge with me. Join her patreon to do that!

Design a wreath for each season, but more on this later.

Publish one design… I’m mad that that’s the bar now, but so be it…

Hope you’re new year is off to a decent start. Let me know of your crafty ambitions this year in the comments (if you have any. If not, good for you! Surviving is accomplishment enough).

16 thoughts on “Hello, 2022!

  1. I always hesitate to set too many goals because then I feel bad when I don’t meet them. Plus I love to test knit, so that always distracts me from creating any specific project-based goals. I kind of do a bit what you do and have some more broad goals I want to focus on that will be easy to meet. I’ve also started tracking stitches and I like having a stitch goal vs project goal. This year I’m hoping to focus on working on some of the sweater stashes I’ve got that I just haven’t started yet.

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  2. Looks like you have some great goals for 2022. I like your bingo card format for project guidance goals. I’m moving more toward such “guidelines” instead of specific patterns/projects. Currently mine is a mix of specific projects and guideline goals.

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