Fall Reflections

I’ve been in a weird spot lately. Not bad, just weird. It’s that time of year to figure out my handmade holiday gifts, and I’ve had to take an inventory of where I am in my goals for the year to figure out what’s feasible for me with my remaining time.

My MakeNine2022, Year of Stitch, and rigid heddle goals would probably take a miracle to get done this year. My wreaths and machine knitting goals stand a chance. It’s impossible to fail my queue challenge, which is why I picked it in the first place.

With that challenge in mind, and since I’m no where near panic mode for gifts yet, I decided to bust out an old, spooky WIP for the season: my 999 Happy Haunts wrap. I sat down with my beverage on my favorite spot on my couch and figured out where I had left it off.

knitting project in front of a tv

I had a realization while I counted rows on the old WIP. Around this same time last year, I was also in a weird place. I was sitting on the same spot on the couch, watching the same late night television, and working on the same project. However, back then I was surrounded by moving boxes and Faire garb and working late to keep up with my still somewhat new job.

It hit me that I am in such a better position than I was a year ago, and that was all I needed in that moment. Progress, not perfection. I’m going to do what I can and what makes me happy to finish out the year, and that’s become my favorite plan to date. It’s another one that will be really hard to fail.

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