WIP Challenge: October Update

This isn’t a huge update, but I know that shocks no one. While I haven’t been finishing a lot of projects lately, I’m not starting a lot of new ones, either. Good and bad, so I’ll take it.

Current WIP Count: 49. No change from my last update.

Queue Projects: 10, still no change here.

Squirrel Projects: 13, so no change here, either.

Shiny Objects: This would be the only one that changed since last month… I’m up one for a total of 12… However, the extra shiny object was my felted witch hat, which is finished! At least it’s not hanging out in the WIP pile!

This month will get worse before it gets better, but I’m positive it will get better! The holidays are upon us. It’s time to bust out some handmade gifts, and a few of those are in-progress WIPs. Even more of them are queue/squirrel projects, so there is a lot of opportunity for progress!

Haunted Mansion WIP

P.S. I’ll have you know I made it all the way to Day 6 on my Haunted Mansion wrap… Something to work on for next Halloween!!

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