Queue Challenge: January Update

I can’t remember the last time I was so happy for a month to end (though it was probably last August…).

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s an uptick in work, but I have been struggling for the past couple of weeks. An end is not in sight, even though I know one has to come eventually. To make it there, I’m spending more time with friends, getting back into my running and dancing habits, and of course, busting out some projects.

This Queue Challenge will be different from my WIP Challenge in that I’m not tracking whether these projects are started this year or not. I’m also not confining myself to a true queue, in the sense that whatever project I decided on for a specific yarn days or weeks (or months or years) ago doesn’t have to become that project to count. My only requirement I am setting for myself is any projects completed with yarn I already owned this year.

My current completed queue number is…


In my best Madeline Kahn impression, yes. Just the five. A fine start, far as I’m concerned. My winter wreath was my very first project of 2022. It was cast-on on New Year’s Day!

Four cats in different cat hats

After that, I had a string of quick, little projects in these cat hats! I made them for two feline-loving friends whose names I pulled for Friendsmas this year (which happened in January due to busy holiday schedules). They’re also both fellow Disney fanatics, so I made Stitch, Lilo’s doll Scrump, and Epcot icons Figment and Dreamweaver. I was positively giddy when they sent me these photos.

The best part about this challenge? I can’t lose. The number of projects from stash I make this year cannot go down. This is the kind of gentle motivation I really need in 2022!

Wishing you all a very happy Fiberuary, if you’re partaking! You know I am, so follow me on Instagram!

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