Thanksknitting 2021

I sincerely feel like I’m crossing a virtual finish line. The time has come for my annual holiday hiatus!

I’ve already made the family cranberry sauce and knit in front of the TV with the parade on. I started a pair of “Advent” socks I’m very excited for this year! My cousin came to stay with us, so we’ve since moved on to video games (which will change to board games after our feast).

It’s also my annual time for me to thank you for joining me on all my adventures. Sometimes, it feels like this blog is just me shouting into the ether, but every time I get that way, one of you tells me how much you enjoyed a post or a project. It always makes my day.

Since this will generally wrap up my writing year, I’m also just so happy I made it here. 2021 presented a slew of different, and sometimes more difficult, hurdles than 2020 did, but at least this year I had the privilege of jumping them in the company of friends and family. That is not something I’m likely to take for granted again, at least for a good long time.

Wishing you and yours all the best, in craft and otherwise, this holiday season. See you all on the other side!

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