Goodbye, 2022

I hope your year went as well as mine did. Certainly had a lot of love and growth, even if my resolutions didn’t go entirely to plan.

I never did publish anything, and I never even got started on the knitting machine. However, I did take some of my winter break to begin setting up my rigid heddle loom, so that is happening!

Here’s where I stand on my other resolutions:


Emma's Make Nine for 2022, some finished objects, a couple of Works in Progress, and a few skeins of yarn

Not ideal, but not a total loss either! I was trucking along at the beginning of the year, anyway. The advent sweater is still going, as is the hodge podge yarn, and I’m very happy with the progress on both.

Queue Challenge

I ended the year with a total of 24 queue finishes. I thought it would be higher, but I didn’t use near as much stash yarn for holiday gifts as I had believed.


Two in-progress embroidery projects

If you were reading along with this particular adventure, you’ll know I fell off the wagon of this challenge sometime last summer… but I have big embroidery plans for 2023!

and finally, Wreaths

Four handmade seasonal wreaths

This is my one resolution that I think was an absolute success! I didn’t make a Thanksgiving wreath, which was in the original plan, because I remember I put my Christmas decorations up right after Halloween anyway.

Did you all actually accomplish your crafty 2022 goals, or did you aspirations end up like mine? Regardless, still excited to set some new ones for 2023, so be sure to tune in next time!

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