Advent Knitting 2022

I am hoping to have one holiday knit that’s for me and therefore doesn’t have to be kept a surprise! Yarny Advent calendars have become even more the rage since I first discovered them, but really, of course they have. The only downside to using up to 25 beautiful, curated colors in your project is the 50+ ends you need to weave in at the end of it all (I like weave as I go, for the record!).

This year, I did not buy any advent calendars. I instead decided to *checks notes* be responsible and use what I had already in my stash. I know, weird right?

I got Yarn Social’s inaugural advent calendar in 2019 (the end of the before times), and it’s beautiful! I just wasn’t completely set on the pattern that came with it, so I sat on it a bit. This year, I included it in my Make Nine, but I still wasn’t completely sure what I was going to do with it. That is, of course, until the perfect pattern found me.

Woman modeling a rainbow-striped advent cardigan
© Ambah O’Brien

I was just scrolling through Instagram one day and fell in love at first sight. This is the Party Cardy designed by Ambah O’Brien, who’s name I did not recognize. It turns out I’ve had a handful of her patterns saved in my favorites for years, though. She has so many cool patterns that all utilize a yarn advent calendar. This one is written for 24 minis + a main color, but I have 18 minis + a main color. I have the yardage, though! I just might have to get creative as I go along.

Ambah is hosting what feels to be a pretty laid back Festive Knit Along on Ravelry for any of her “advent” patterns this holiday season. We don’t even need to finish the projects before February! With a kickoff on December 1, most of the chat is what yarns people are using, and it’s running the gamut between scraps and multiple advent calendars.

Though I’ll soon be on my holiday hiatus, I plan to participate as I can in this KAL, which means I’ll be posting lots of progress photos! If you want to follow along with this adventure, be sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram!

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