Spring Floral Wreath

It’s finally done. The humor isn’t lost on me that I am posting this on the Summer Solstice.

floral spring wreath

The second in my series of wreaths this year has changed my strategy for the remaining wreaths. The green base of this one took way to long, but then again I chose worsted weight seed stitch and changing colors every two rows (because I’m trying not to buy any new yarns for these).

100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet book

As for the flowers, most of them came out of this book. I love this book, so much so that my parents hunted down an out-of-print copy to give me for Christmas after I checked it out from the library for the umpteenth time. It’s well organized, features knit and crocheted flowers. and the construction of them all is unique and (mostly) engaging.

The flowers I chose specifically from spring blooms I remember growing up, and I filled in the gaps with common Missouri flowers (keen eyes will spot more dotted hawthorn in there). One is a flower that my friend Chrissy crocheted for me, just because. Glad I have a dedicated use for it now!

I actually hung it on my door before it was done done, adding on new flowers as I made them. I found out this weekend that my neighbors enjoyed watching it progress to its final form.

Now it’s on to the summer wreath. Hopefully I’ll have done before I’m ready to put up my Halloween décor in September…

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