Queue Challenge: June Update

Needless to say, being demoted to a second-class citizen isn’t quite conducive for fun blog posts. That’s, of course, just one part of everything we’ve had to process over last week. There’s a lot of work to be done, and that work doesn’t get done if I shun all the joy from my life. So, here I am making an attempt at a fun blog post.

This anxiety episode did not curb the crafting at all, which was nice. It’s been one of my biggest comforts, actually. That means that the new completed Queue projects number is…


That’s right. I finished a whopping four queue project last month (and yet one more month with no non-queue cast-ons either!). One was that Spring Wreath (which is an excellent reminder I need to start my summer one). I had one other fun, monstrous crochet project finish, too.

Addie with her pink poodle

My sister, Addie, had asked me for a pink poodle for Christmas. She did not get it for Christmas. I thought I would finish it for her February birthday. I did not. She did, however, get it this month when my parents made a trek to visit her in Chicago. If you recognize that pompom yarn, it was one of my Make Nine yarns for the year!

Emma modeling her Knot Front Crop

I also finished this Knot Front Crop (Rav link), finally. This was a much easier knit than it looks, and it took exactly two skeins of Th’red Head Cotrina. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a lot of this one. I’ve practically lived in it with this heat. It is so cool and comfy.

The last finish I can’t share yet, but it is another one of my Make Nine, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I think this crafting spree still has a lot of life left, so I anticipate next month’s post to be just as beefy as this one. Here’s hoping!

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