I think I am finally fully recovered from my swing dance weekend in Houston. That’s not to say that I didn’t have a blast and learn a lot (I also got to rock my new skirts). It was just so, so much dancing. I barely even had energy to knit by the time I got […]

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Knit Skirt

Officially making 2023 the year of apparel sewing!! This project has actually been on my mind for a few months now. I had a fabulous time at a swing dance event in St. Louis, Missouri last November. A lot of the female-presenting folks were wearing these knit skirts, and they were utterly perfect for swing […]

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Read my Article in Ply Magazine!

Super exciting update today! Your girl is published again! Ply is my favorite spinning magazine (because the creator Jacey used to be a local and created a nationally renowned spinning conference right here in Kansas City), so I’ve submitted many times to write for it. I finally got an assignment. Even better, it ended up […]

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A Record Breaker (Maybe)

I have been looking forward to today for a while. Not because it’s Valentine’s Day, even though I always treat myself on Valentine’s. No, I was looking forward to today because I got accepted to be a part of the stress test at the new KCI terminal! If you’re not from KC, let me explain. […]

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On The Mend: Visable Mending

I said this would be the year of apparel sewing, and I’m not wrong yet! So far, it’s just been working on apparel that is already made… but they were a handful of perfect opportunities to try visible mending. I’m thrilled with the results. First up was a pair of boot socks my mom made […]

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AI Crochet

Like a lot of millennials, I think technology can be so cool. That’s not to say it can’t be problematic, and I definitely thank my smart speaker in case of a robot uprising. Seeing how far it’s come in the years I have been alive is still so impressive. The latest uproar I’ve seen is […]

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Crochet in Wednesday

Crochet and Wednesday rhyme… English is weird…. I am super late to the party, but I just finished the Wednesday Netflix show. It was everything I wanted it to be, creepy AND kooky. A mystery that kept me guessing the whole time and finished everything with a bow on top. I realize now why everyone […]

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Rigid Heddle Loom

As I said, I’m already on my resolutions for 2023! I’ve been sitting on this loom for too long, so I’m super excited to get started. My one problem, as it has almost always been, is hubris. “I don’t need to do any research,” I said. “I’m a classically-trained weaver. It will come back to […]

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Hello, 2023

I’ve covered how my crafty resolutions went last year (the TL;DR was not well, but I’m still feeling good about what I did accomplish!). Now, I’m looking ahead to this new year! First off, I’ve decided 2023 is my year of apparel sewing. No SMART goal attached to this. I just want to put that […]

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Goodbye, 2022

I hope your year went as well as mine did. Certainly had a lot of love and growth, even if my resolutions didn’t go entirely to plan. I never did publish anything, and I never even got started on the knitting machine. However, I did take some of my winter break to begin setting up […]

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