Handmade gifts

Not to toot my own horn, but I killed it with the handmade gifts this year (so far… I have one Friendsmas still to go!). You can see them all on my Instagram, but I wanted to talk about a couple of my favorites here.

Sharon burnt Marie Callendar pie ornament

First, Sharon’s Marie Callendar Pie ornament. The whole debacle brought me so many laughs during a rather difficult holiday season. My older pseudo-sister loved it, too. When she sent me a picture of a crocheted charred pie, I knew I had to make her one. It’s just two circles stitched together with picots. I felt it needed some context, ’cause who knows how much we’ll remember next year. The original plan was to embroider the ribbon, but I had issues with the fabric being so small. So, I went with the sharpie. Not as clean, but it fits the pie better anyhow.

Nephew modeling his TVA hat

Next, my nephew’s TVA hat. He is ten now (which makes me feel ancient), and that’s apparently the age you decide to ask for specific handmade gifts. That, to me, is both amazing and terrifying. The request was a hat like Loki’s TVA jumpsuit in his title show. When I was planning it out, a duplicate-stitched logo on a folded brim, I became really worried. Is this how a 10-year-old would imagine this hat? After a lot of handwringing, I accepted it was the best I could come up with. Still, I gifted it with bated breath. Imagine my joy when it turns out he loves it!

Dad modeling the Monmouth Cap

This last one is probably my overall favorite. I asked my dad if he was in need of another hat, and to my surprise he said he’d rather have a stocking hat. I can’t gift my dad just an average stocking cap, though, right? Then it hit me. For years, I’ve seen people rocking Monmouth caps out at the Renaissance Festival. Dad’s a history buff (probably where I got it from), and I love a challenge.

I did a ton of research. Shakespeare mentioned these hats in Henry V (apparently he was from Monmouth?). They were almost exclusively brown, but I guess they’ve found some that would have been red. The signature button on top used to only belong on Monmouth hats from Monmouth (like champagne vs. sparkling wine). Queen Elizabeth required working stiffs to wear one made of English wool on Sundays by law. They’re so fascinating, and for the most part, it was the most chill knit.

Not to mention my dad rocks this style!! It is so flattering on him. I’m a little worried he’s about to get a decade worth of these, just like his Cheesecutter hats. Stay tuned, I guess!

Did you make any handmade holiday gifts you’re really proud of? Let me know in the comments!

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