Off to the Fair

Y’all know I have a hard time turning down a challenge (and usually even a harder time completing them…).

Yarn Social is back on their game with a summer-long challenge, much like their Bingo Game in 2020 and the Road Trip last year. Neither of those went very well for me, you might recall, but I still love setting high goals and the comradery. So, here I am again!

This year’s challenge is the Summer Maker’s Fair. The goal of this challenge is “to challenge yourself to create something blue ribbon worthy!” The “ticket” to the challenge is $20, and it gets you three entries (and $10 of it goes to Planned Parenthood Great Plains and The Kansas City Center for Inclusion, so win-win-win).

Contain your shock, but I’m keeping my aim low this year (for me, anyway) and am only using the three entries I already got with my ticket.

#1: My Lunar Sweater for the knit garment category. It is a WIP, which feels like cheating, but WIPs are allowed as long as they aren’t more than 25% complete by June 1. I’m barely 30% through the front of this sweater, so it’s well under that. Plus, when I read “blue ribbon worthy,” this project immediately popped into my head. Bigger plus, it’s a great excuse to actually finish the thing.

© Yarn Barn of Kansas

#2: Rigid-Heddle “Decades” Shawl for the woven wearable category. Still haven’t touched my new rigid heddle loom, and it’s one of my new years resolutions to finally bust it out. Great excuse right here!

#3 A surprise for the knit your own design category. Another resolution I’m hoping this challenge will help me resolve! I’ve had the idea for a while and got scrumptious yarn for it that’s just sitting in my living room. Here’s hoping this will help me publish my first design since the pre-pandemic times.

Would you like to join me in this challenge? Head over to Yarn Social’s website to register. Looking forward to seeing you at the fair!

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