Spooky Halloween Wreath

Y’all. I am thrilled.

Long time readers know Halloween is my favorite holiday (which I find mildly ironic for a person with a GAD. That’s my secret, Cap. I’m always scared). The idea for a seasonal wreath resolution actually started with my idea for this wreath, and I think it turned out even better than I imagined.

I arrived at my local JoAnn’s the day Halloween décor was available this summer. I had hoped for an ornament-esque spider to hang, which they didn’t have. What they did have was a laser-cut plywood arachnid friend with a busted leg. I knew with a little TLC, he would be perfect.

painted wooden spider

I went to my woodworker extraordinaire father, who repaired his leg and gave him a perfectly spooky stain job. This spider is the best part of the wreath, and it’s the one part I didn’t make!

I created a stockinette cover for the wreath form (exactly like I did for the winter wreath) holding multiple worsted-weight yarns together (exactly like I did for the summer wreath) and used the classic flower book to make some dead leaves and roses (almost exactly like I did for the spring wreath). The last, perfect touch was a crocheted spider web.

Halloween Wreath

I’m madly in love with this. So much so that I decided my resolution is complete with it. I had planned on making a Thanksgiving/fall wreath, but it can’t top this. I usually go straight into Christmas decorations on November 1 anyhow. Wishing all of you a sweet, spooky holiday season!

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