ThanksKnitting 2022

But I guess it’s ThanksCarding this year!

Taking advantage of the lovely weather in Kansas City this morning to card a bit more cotton before it’s cold again. It keeps me well out of the way of the chefs!

Since I have to keep most of what I’m working on for the next six or so weeks a surprise, FahrOut Fiber Adventures will be on hiatus in to the New Year (where I hope you’ll join me for the update on 2022 resolutions and the new ones I’m definitely going to keep in 2023…).

I so appreciate all of you following along on my fiber arts journey, and I am wishing you a wonderful holiday season full of whatever you need to get to that 2022 finish line.

Just a reminder that if you want updates on the one non-surprise project I’ll likely have before the new year, follow me on Instagram or Facebook!

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