Yarn Advent Calendar Round-up

While I’m sitting here not working on Christmas presents, I’m instead looking at all the really cool yarn advent calendars they’re putting out this year. As if I have an abundance of time to work on additional projects around the holidays. I can’t stop looking, though, the idea is just so appealing to me. I always had chocolate advent calendars growing up (Mom actually still gives me one every year). What’s not to love about a little yarn surprise every day building up to Christmas?

It’s becoming a really popular trend, I can’t believe how many I found on Etsy alone. Here’s my list of the ones that are most exciting to me:

* Standard disclosure that these are just my opinions, no one is compensating me to write any of these things *

Jimmy Bean Wool Crafvent Calendar

Jimmy Beans Wool Craftvent Calendar

This was the one that started it all for me. This year you have the option of a knit-along by Joji Locatelli  or, new this year, a crochet-along by Linda Dean. It’s a complete project by itself, it comes with 1000+ yards of hand-dyed yarn from five different indie dyers, notions (including needles or a hook), and the pattern, divided into separate clues. Depending on which kit you choose, it runs from $100 to $150.

Loopy Ewe Twelve 12 Days of Indie Christmas

Loopy’s 12 Days of Indie Christmas

I’ve had a long love relationship with The Loopy Ewe, so I was so excited to see them jumping on this bandwagon. This one comes with twelve individually boxed skeins from twelve different indie dyers. Three of the packages have a notion as well. The yarn totals at about 1300 yards, and instead of a knit-along, the calendar includes a card with pattern suggestions for projects that use all of the skeins, a few skeins, or one skein. This kit is $135.


Cottontailfarmva Spinner’s Advent Calendar

I found this one on Etsy, and I love that spinners can get in on this fun too! 24 different fibers to spin, different preparations, different breeds, some natural, some dyed. It totals to 12 ounces! Spinners can get in on the fun for a little less, too, as this calendar is $75.

Opal Sock Yarn Advent Calendar

Opal Sock Advent Calendar

Of course I love Opal, 1) it’s fantastic sock yarn and 2) my ancestry is mostly German, so German-made things are just that much more special to me. In fact, my German family is why I got the chocolate advent calendars of my youth! This calendar has 24 15g skeins of Opal sock yarn in different colors. This year the calendar looks like a little story book! How cute is that?! This one comes in at $110.

Forbidden Fibe Co Holidays From Around the World Yarn Advent Calendar

Forbidden Fiber Co. Holidays Around the World

This dyer is new to me this year. I’m getting all their Super Nerdy Avengers club yarns from the Yarnover Truck, and The Studio has their trunk show right now. On top of my obvious love for the pop cultural references, their colors are gorgeous. I would love to see what they’ve come up with their Holidays Around the World theme. This calendar features 18 mini skeins of their Gluttony Sport/DK, six non-yarn “goodies,” and a mystery knit-along pattern by Afifa. It totals to 972 yards at $150.

So, I have to confess, I’ve already purchased one of these calendars (I know! I know!). Anyone want to guess which one?

Yarn lovers, please feel free to share this list with your loved ones. It’s nice to give them options! Or maybe you’re treating yourself this year? Let me know in the comments if you’ve committed to a yarn advent calendar this year!

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