Winter Knitting Trends

Every year I’ve written this blog, I think I should start my holiday crafting hiatus earlier. I don’t know if it’s me trying to be more responsible with my year-end crafting time (I doubt it), but I’m not working on anything new or exciting that can’t remain a surprise until the end of the year. I figure I don’t have much of anything to write about this month.

That is until Interweave dropped their “Top Three Trends for Knitters in Fall/Winter 2022-23” in my inbox this morning. Y’all know I can’t resist a good trend (or dragging it), so here’s my take on these cold weather knit trends.

Woman posing in orange sweater with bishop sleeves
© Interweave

#1. Bishop Sleeves

Has anyone else ever referred to these as “bishop sleeves”? I learned them as “balloon sleeves,” and before I knew they were even called that, I called them “puffy sleeves.” A sleeve by any other name, but I do think these are fun to wear. The really dramatic, peasant top ones (like this Antiquity Blouse (Rav link)) make me feel so romantic. However, the bigger sleeve means more time on sleeve island, which is one of my lease favorite places to be.

Hard to deny that it isn’t a trend, though, as I have seen it in both knitting and fashion spaces. Interweave did well with this one, I’d say.

Woman modeling a gray sweater with drop shoulders
© Interweave

#2. Drop Shoulders

Can we, as knitters, call one of the most basic sweater constructions a “trend”? This feels like when something is already part of your repertoire, and the powers that be decide that it’s “in.” You’re a little bit proud until those same powers decide they are “out” later. Like my high-rise jeans and side part, you can’t tell me that easy and flattering will ever be uncool. I stand by drop shoulders as a classic, not a trend.

Woman modeling a colorwork sweater
© Interweave

#3. Colorwork Yokes

Colorwork? For Winter? Groundbreaking (I hope you read that in the voice of Meryl Streep). This one, to me, is more of a no-brainer than drop-shoulder sweaters. There will never, ever be a time when knitters will decide colorwork yokes aren’t amazing. I think we can point to specific colorwork pieces (anyone else remember when the Soldotna Crop (Rav link) had us all by the throat?), but just to say “colorwork is in” is the most basic take I’ve seen in a long time.

Overall, one out of three isn’t bad. Maybe Interweave is in the same boat I’m in, and they’re happy they’re getting any content out at all. If you don’t hear from me next week, you will before Thanksgiving!

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