Silver Dollar City Craft Days 2022

Another bonus to having my fall weekends back? It was a lot easier to plan a trip to return to Silver Dollar City’s craft festival!

What remained of it, at least. Maybe the pandemic is to blame, but there were so many fewer artists out this year. It was insanely crowded, too. That, I think, is definitely because of the pandemic. I didn’t let any of that ruin my crafty good time, though.

We spent a lot of time waiting in line for some roller coaster action, and I brought a basic stockinette hat to work on in line. One crafty win I did get this trip is my friend Kristen (yes, that Kristen) is picking up knitting again for the first time in years! She got in on the line knitting action, too.

kristen knitting in line

I also couldn’t leave without a single crafty purchase, and here’s what I landed on:

scissors in a hand-turned case

I have a couple of seam rippers like this, but I had never seen scissors before! (Conveniently, too, as I had forgotten to bring a pair and I really needed one). He also had combo seam ripper/scissors and interchangeable hook sets, but this one spoke to me. Hopefully he’ll come back in future year for me to purchase something else.

Right next to him was the booth I ordered my pumpkin rug kit from all those years ago… some year, I’ll actually finish that!

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