Summer Bow Wreath

Doing my best to catch up!!

I learned my lesson with the spring wreath: only bulky yarns for the body. I’m also trying to not buy new yarn for these, so what is the plan when you don’t already have a wreath-amount of bulky yarn lying around? You hold four worsted-weight yarns together and make your own!

I somehow had three that were exactly the same shade of “KU” blue (I wonder why) and another that was only a little bit off. I thought it made for a really nice fabric.

I knit some sunflowers from that same book I pulled most of the spring ones out of, but once again, I learned my lesson. I didn’t want to make a ton of flowers to decorate this wreath. Enter a ribbon bow!

The summer wreath on a door

I have never made one of these before, mostly because I resented not being able to tie one from a single piece of ribbon. After some personal work shedding that bias, I found this tutorial for a wreath bow. It worked really well! I used gorilla glue instead of hot glue, since that’s what I already had, and I had to be generous with the clear nail polish to keep ends from fraying. All in all, I’m very happy with it!

Hopefully this one won’t hang on my door too long, ’cause Halloween is next!! You all know I’m dropping all the stops for my favorite holiday!

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