A Challenge and a Party

Look at me, straying from the WIP Challenge after such a good month…

Last week, I hit a new low in the CoronaCoaster (not a lowest low, but a hitherto unexperienced low), and it hit me pretty hard. I barely touched any projects. I didn’t even write a post for last Thursday, just didn’t have it in me.

While indulging in the bad-habit distraction of my phone, I came across two goings-on in my online craft circles. The first was the Yarn Social Springtime Tee Party that kicked off last Friday. Fun and well-timed as it sounds, I stood resolved to finish the WIPs first. The second was the Shave ’em to Save ’em Mighty Mitten Challenge that starts tomorrow.

A picture of a mitt, with text that reads "Mighty Mitten Challenge. Shave 'em to Save 'em"

I’m inclined to do this challenge because it would be a queue project (I’ve had some CVM that’s yelled mittens at me, even before it was even purchased), it’s for a good cause, and there’s education involved. I love all those things.

Then Carina Spencer announced a discount on her Lace Hem Tee pattern in honor of the party, and I remembered I had a gift card to Yarn Social. So, that was that… I’m in for the Tee Party, too.

Text graphic, reads: "You are cordially invited to a Springtime Tee Party. March 5 through April 23 any knit or crochet tee"

Now, did I experience a moment (or two) of weakness in a dark time? Absolutely. Am I going to beat myself up about it? Maybe later, but not right now. I’m so drawn to these challenges because I love the comradery. Even though I didn’t get that far in the Yarn Social Bingo, I loved taking a break every day to look at the forum and see what everyone else was working on. Talking with folks who share an interest and a goal is often just the thing I need to bust out of a low like this.

To that end, I’m just going to roll with these projects and see how it all lands.

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