Project Packing: Pandemic Edition

As happy and as terrified as it makes me, I am slowly getting back into my travel habits. I dipped my toe in at the Arbor Lodge State Park, and I’m about to put my whole foot in accompanying my dad to help my aunt fix up stuff around her home in Texas. This means one of the habits I had to get back into was project packing.

I am so out of practice that most of my rules went out the window. Variety wasn’t thought of much at all. Of the four projects that made the cut, three of them are knitting in the round and two of them are hats. I paid only a little mind to concentration, as I wanted easily-memorized knitting for the long car rides. The deadlines rule was the main decider for these trips.

four in-progress projects laid out

The projects that made the cut are:

  • My Lace Hem Tee, which I haven’t touched much lately, but I am still determined to have it done by the Spring Tee Party deadline.
  • A Magikarp hat, which I tried to get done for a friend for their birthday, which just past…
  • The gloves in my sunflower yarn. You know, the same ones that have been in the WIP Challenge posts since February…
  • And a hat in a new pattern in a new Magpie yarn! So, a shiny object… but like the others, I have a good reason for this one! I can’t say what it is now, but all will be revealed in due time.

I honestly have no idea what will get done, since the purpose of the trip is to be an extra set of hands for Dad, but hey. Now I’m prepared for any spare time.

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