WIP Challenge: March Update

I am so proud! Even after all my new cast-ons this month, I still managed to bring the WIP count down!

It’s only by one, but hey, that’s down!

I did have one finish from the pre-2021 list, and funny enough, I didn’t even start it. A friend of mine has a grandmother who was downsizing and wanted her craft supplies to go to someone who would use them. Included in those craft supplies were some gorgeous quilt tops, so I finished one:

Finished quilt

It was finished with the intent that it could be a wedding gift for her granddaughter (my friend’s sister), but having never met her and not sure what her tastes are, I’m giving it back to the grandmother to let her decide.

I also had a late night finish on my Mighty Mitten Challenge project! I’m so happy with how they turned out:

Finished mittens

But now on to the actual numbers…

Current WIP Count: 46, down one from last month, as I said.

Queue Projects: Eight, with no new WIPs (still working on the sunflower-dyed gloves and the Gulf Coast sock yarn, though…)

Squirrel Projects: Up to six, but again, no new WIPs. I finished those sample scrunchies for my sister and the embroidery for my friend Kristen’s birthday.

Shiny Objects: Here’s where I fell off the wagon a bit… Because I had to cast on a tee for the Yarn Social Tee Party… and I’m only about two inches in on it because I’ve been all in on the mittens and the “Easter” shawl… but hey, the party “ends” on April 23rd, so I have time.

Looking forward to more success this month!

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