WIP Challenge: February Update

I’m feeling a lot better about this challenge now. The shoot is done, and I’m looking forward to telling you all about that later. I’m finishing up gifts for (very understanding) family and friends that got pushed back because of the shoot, and I’ve made progress on some really old WIPs, like the Easter Shawl.

three in-progress knitting projects

Current WIP Count: 47, down five from last month. Like I said, I’m feeling better.

Queue Projects: I have seven projects from my queue done or in-progress this month. The new ones include my Gulf Coast Native sock yarn for Shave ’em to Save ’em and gloves knit from my sunflower-dyed yarn.

Squirrel Projects: I only added two this month for a total of four: another hot water bottle cover and more woven bookmarks. Both are in-progress at this time.

Shiny Objects: If I had anything to not be proud of this month, it’s my lack-of-will for these shiny objects. I mentioned the weaving last month, but I forgot that the definition of “new project with new materials” included the bag I made for ScrapsKC. I was also commissioned to make a wedding-related gift for a couple I adore, and I just couldn’t say no. Both good causes, but they still brought my shiny object count up to three for the year (so far…).

Feeling confident that I’m going to do even better in March, so be on the lookout for next month’s post!

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