Gauge Yarn

I had to make another stop while I was in Austin. You may recall from my Easter Shawl post, the yarn I’m using came from one of the first yarn shops I ever visited: Gauge Yarn. I hadn’t been back since, so I decided to fix that.

Front room of Gauge Yarn

Truth be told, I ended up picking it because it was the one local yarn shop, that wasn’t Hill Country Weavers, that posted their COVID protocols (because it is Texas…). They’ll lock the door when they reach that capacity, so they do take it very seriously.

Emma posing in the shop, wearing her shawl

Note that I did take wear the shawl back to the shop. A nice, decade-long full circle!

It’s still a wonderful shop, still full of great warm weather yarns. Since I know to look for it now, they do have a wonderful selection of local wools as well.

Back room of Gauge Yarn

The back room is what I remember the most, and I’m not totally sure why. It’s a nice space, though, with the easy-care fibers, a trunk show, and the fantastic sale wall. From that wall, my aunt picked out a linen-cotton blend for me to make her her own Lace Hem Tee (it was her birthday, after all).

Emma's purchases

I also got some Watershed American wool. The color is called “Penstock,” and it looks black but will change color depending on the light. It’s super fun. There’s also a Curls crochet hook (I think it lives up to the hype), an Austin-dyed mini, and clip-on gauge rulers that say “Gauge Yarn.”

Like all my other fiber stops in Austin, I’d highly recommend Gauge Yarn!

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