WIP Challenge: January Update

Not off to a great start with the WIP challenge…

But I knew this was going to happen. I have the bucket-list shoot coming up this month, and almost all of my craft time has been dedicated to those projects. The plus side to that is almost all of those projects are Queue projects, which I also wanted to get down this year. So, I am beating myself up, but only a tiny, little bit.

Current WIP count: 52… It’s six more than the last count, but in fairness, only two of those are new projects. I found four WIPs that I missed in the first count… But hey, can’t finish them if I’m unaware of them! Like I said, I know I’ll do better this month.

Queue projects: I started four new queue projects this month, BUT three of them are already finished. One is for the shoot, the other two were these precious baby gifts for an expectant coworker (they dropped the shower date on me with less than two weeks notice…).

Baby quilt and elephant stuffed animal

The one that isn’t finished is also for the shoot. I could have finished it by the end of this month, but it’s my lucky project for the Chiefs in their latest postseason run. The Superb Owl is on Sunday, so I needed enough left to get me through the game…

Squirrel projects: Just as a refresher, these are new projects, not in the queue, but made from stash. I only had two this month. There was yet another idea for the shoot, and a relatively new coworker needed an F-bomb hacky sack for her desk, to match the rest of our team. Neither of those are new WIPs. They’re both finished.

Shiny Objects: I was really proud of myself, you guys. I thought I had gotten through a whole month with no shiny objects. Then I realized, by the definition I set of a new project with new yarn, technically my tapestry weaving study is a shiny object… I’m standing by it, because learning new things is important. Plus, I’ve made some pretty good progress on it!

tapestry weaving in progress

And so ends January!! I’m very excited to show you guys what I’m up to this month, so stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “WIP Challenge: January Update

  1. Emma, I choked on my coffee ☕! 52 WIPs? I guess if you don’t cast anything on, you’ll be caught up in a year! Seriously, though. I have long admired your proficiency. That elephant 🐘 is soooooooooo adorable!


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