In The Bag!

Let me tell you some things about ScrapsKC, just in case you don’t already know:

  1. They sell art and school supplies that would otherwise be thrown away: business surplus, school leftovers, and donations from people in the community. These perfectly useful, “upcycled” goodies are given a second life and are kept out of our landfills.
  2. They sell these supplies at a steep discount. The only thing I love more than craft supplies is a deal on craft supplies.
  3. They help out the houseless here in Kansas City, by offering them work, food, and other survival supplies.
  4. They’re passionate about arts education. They offer workshops (or did, in the pre-COVID times, and I’m sure will again when it’s safe to do so!). Earlier this month, they offered free swap kits for scouts.

Needless to say, I’m a fan.

Scrappy shopping bag

Which is why I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to their Get to Know a Customer Day contest! They’re giving away reusable shopping bags made by local fiber artists (of which, I am one).

If you’re interested in an awesome bag made out of leftover upholstery samples that’s reversible (and has pockets!!), make sure to head to their Facebook page to enter! They’ll draw names live over Facebook at 4 PM CST today.

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