More Weaving Adventures

You may recall I took a class on tapestry weaving last month, and I really enjoyed it.

finished weaving

I enjoyed it so much, I sought out other techniques to try and finished this small piece! Never one to waste handmade fabric, the thought before it was even finished was to make into a little notion pouch. I grabbed a zipper and scraps from my stash to line it (and so hide the ends), and I got straight to sewing.

finished woven notions pouch

Isn’t it adorable? It looks like a tiny carpet bag. I can’t wait to fill it with notions and toss it in my next project bag.

Of course, I couldn’t stop there. The loom I got with the class is perfectly sized for bookmarks, I decided. Such small projects would allow me to play with new techniques to where they wouldn’t be daunting, too. I had a friend with a birthday this month, so as soon as my first piece came off, I warped the loom again.

In-progress weaving projects

Here it is in progress… (The weaving on the right is for the Years in Yarn blanket.)

Finished Americana bookmark

And here it is finished! My friend enjoys reading American history (and is doing good work in challenging American exceptionalism while doing so), and I think he appreciates the appropriately themed bookmark.

I do believe there will be many more weaving adventures to come, so stay tuned!

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