Line Knitting

I didn’t post on Tuesday because I was in Disneyland!

disneyland california adventure

Just a short trip to spend some time with some Disney friends. The one thing you can always count on in Disney is lines, lots of long lines. Phones today are super helpful with that, but batteries can only last so long. I always make a point to have a project with me when I go to theme parks (I took a drop spindle with me to Silver Dollar City the weekend before!). It passes the time, you feel productive, and you can still make great conversation with your line buddies.

The trick is portability. The project needs to be small and hopefully something you don’t need the pattern for. Unless you have a saint-like, super patient friend to hold that phone or paper for you, you hands are busy knitting, so better to go without. My go-to is socks, usually vanilla or ribbed.

Your project bag is the huge make-it-or-break-it part of this process, too. I’ve seen bags with carabiners you can clip on your belt loop, which seem great. As for me, I like it to hang from my wrist. My three favorites are the zippered box bag (I add a handle like this one), this sock knitting bag, or a Japanese knot bag. However, if it is small and has drawstrings, I can knit from it.

For the record, park security has only ever questioned me three times about my line knitting, and all three times were going into Epcot in Walt Disney World. Two of the times security told me “You’re not supposed to have that, keep it in your bag,” so I said “okay,” and left it in my bag until I got in line. The last time security took it out of my bag, and turned to his leader asking “Can she take this in here?” and in the best way the leader says “…yea…” Like, “don’t waste my time, of course she can take in knitting.”

Where do you do your line knitting, (or where will you now)? Anyone do it in the polls last Tuesday? Let me know in the comments!

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