Craft Days and Pumpkin Nights

It was time, once again, for the annual trek to Branson, Missouri for the Silver Dollar City Harvest Craft Festival. They switched it up a bit this year, though, and we’ll get to that later.

There were still less fiber artists than I would like, but more than last year!

Von Rhodes of Turkey Creek Weaving Studios weaving on his loom

Fellow Kansan Von Rhodes of Turkey Creek Weaving Studios was back in the square.

Mr. Taylor weaving on his loom

I also got to talk to Bonnie Taylor and her husband (here working away) who make rugs on a loom that is over 100 years old right in the park!

Jim locker hooking a pumpkin rug

Inside the Frisco Barn was this nifty fabric shop that we spent a bit of time in. Jim, here, was making a rug with a technique I’ve never seen before: locker hooking. It looked like punch needle, but you did it with a crochet hook/needle hybrid and latch hook canvas instead of a punch needle on monk’s cloth. It was fascinating, and it seems like a great idea for using up fabric scraps.

But in addition to the craft festival that we already know and love, the park was open late for this new Pumpkin Nights festival as well. I wish I could more eloquently put into words how much I love this new addition, but since I can’t, just know it is perfect.

All over the park are traditional carved pumpkins, but they also had these super fun jack-o-lantern scarecrow statues (mostly doing crafts, of course).

Emma in front of the giant pumpkin spider

The Grand Exposition area of the park had fun, Halloween themed statues, and I honestly thought that was it. But wait, there was more!

But when they say pumpkin nights, they mean Pumpkin Nights. After 5 o’ clock, they open up a previously closed section of the park for a swingin’ pumpkin party with dancing, magicians, characters, fall food and merch, and a lovely hiking area through the Ozark woods with even more carved pumpkins. If you love fall and Halloween as much as I do, this festival is a must-do.

Emma wearing the Tuttle creek cowl/capelet

Of course, I couldn’t pass up buying some unique art. Turkey Creek had a wonderful cowl/caplet piece with a scrappy weft, which I love. So, that came home with me.

Emma's pumpkin collection: a knit pumpkin, a Mickey Mouse Jack-o-lantern, and the glass pumpkin

I also couldn’t leave the pumpkin fest without a pumpkin. The glass blowers had less-than-perfect glass pumpkins at a little discount, and I took one of those home for my collection.

Pumpkin Nights t-shirt

And Pumpkin Nights merch. I’m a sucker for merch.

I know I’ve already recommended the Craft Festival, but if that wasn’t enough, I love Craft Days and Pumpkin Nights. Add it to your list!

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