Crochet Wall-Hanging

A few weeks ago, I participated in a staff art show at the university I work for. It was a lot of fun seeing my coworker’s work, and it’s always nice to beat back the imposter syndrome that’s built up over years of the patriarchy saying what I do isn’t art.

It was virtual, so I put together a little video of some of my favorite things I’ve made with a voiceover of me saying why I love fiber arts. Of course, pretty much everything I featured was a wearable, instead of a visual art piece. Because I love art, I have very limited wall space, so the quote-unquote “true” art was never really for me (which I discovered explaining myself over and over again to my weaving teacher in college).

The show passed, and I thought that was the end of it. That is, until last week when I got an email asking if I’d like my work to be featured in my Chancellor’s office. But of course! I thought, but that imposter syndrome reared it’s ugly head again. It told me the Chancellor wouldn’t want a shawl or a skein of yarn on his wall. Fine, I told it. I’ll use my fine arts degree and make some G0*D@#& visual art.

Y’all, it was hard. In a really good way, I’ll say. I kept getting stuck and I kept thinking it wasn’t good enough, but I pushed through it to make something I’m really proud of.

crochet wall-hanging

I crocheted it in the school colors and threw in some dotted hawthorn, the state flower. I also found the stick it hangs from outside my office. Hoping I can take some pictures of it up in the office later! Follow me on Instagram for those.

3 thoughts on “Crochet Wall-Hanging

  1. I have ‘that voice’ when it comes to promoting my hand knits or baking. It can be destructive. You made a beautiful piece with much thought and significance. I am happy to hear you are proud of it. It is lovely.

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