Queue Challenge: August Update

This month did not go as I had planned.

Students are back on campus, so work picked up. I’m finally back to a dance schedule akin to what I had pre-pandemic, and I’ve been doing what I can to help my two good friends prepare for their wedding. My personal crafting goals are understandably not high on the priority list right now.

One ball that was completely dropped (probably a while ago, if I’m being honest) was the Yarn Social Maker’s Fair. I shouldn’t be surprised. This was exactly how the other Yarn Social summer challenges have gone. I never even finished that first sweater, but it is close! I think it could be easily finished for September’s post.

The count currently stands at…


I have one whole finish to show for this month, and it’s the summer wreath… I do, however, get to show off my surprise finishes from last month!

My friend moved into a swanky new house and has a succulent-themed half bath. She asked me for a crocheted “potted” succulent (as there is no sunlight in this bathroom), but I found the tissue box cover while searching for succulent ideas. Figured she needed that, too. She seemed happy with them, and I think they look very nice in the space!

Next month will be better. I am sure of it!

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