Tapestry Weaving

I’ve been on a weaving kick lately. I’m not totally sure why, but it could have something to do with the intense deadline knitting I should be doing instead…

I saw on Instagram that the Kansas City Textile Arts Center was offering an online class on tapestry weaving. Truth be told, I did tapestry weaving either through Girl Scouts or art class sometime when I was in elementary school (I remember this mostly because my sweet dad made me a loom out of a piece of plywood that he painstakingly cut notches, five to the inch, for about a foot on both sides), but I haven’t thought much about it since.

In college, I learned how to weave on a floor loom. We did a bit of tapestry in an introductory sampler, and admittedly, I didn’t care much for it. I think I just had my eyes on these beautiful twill and overshot patterns and looked right past the possibilities tapestry provided. Of course, a couple of years ago, woven tapestry wall hangings became all the rage in home decor again. The more I saw, the more inspired I became.

However, it never did seem like a good time to pick it up again. Until, you know, a global pandemic hit, and I needed new creative outlets. Not to mention a local, handmade weaving kit was included with the class fee. I couldn’t pass it up.

the start of a tapestry weaving in green and brown wools

And I’m so glad I took the class. The other students were so generous with their creativity, and Liz was a fine teacher. I finally learned how to make shapes and some unexpected texture patterns. Once again, I’m inspired. I want to make my own hangings, bags, even try my hand at some themed bookmarks.

If this sounds just as exciting to you, Liz is offering the class again in March. You can sign up (and see their other class offerings) on the KC Textile Arts Center website.

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