Color Me Impressed

Finished up another square of the My Years in Yarn(Ravelry link) blanket last night:

Two scrappy squares of Emma's My Year in Yarn blanket

This one shows quite a trend since May… Everything was blue or gray (or both). So it came around to adding a cat square for the Many Cat’s Cushion, and I think I’ll mix it up; I’ll add some green to it. But what was the only other color used in the remaining projects? I’m sensing a theme!

And it has to be an overarching theme, because look at the color I chose for the borders! Ah yes, a nice, light, blue-toned gray that’ll go with everything. Too bad I have that same thought with just about every other project! I winced a little when I picked up the border over the swatch for my Barrey Hiking Vest in almost the exact same color… but it’s a “scrap” blanket, after all. I’m not too worried about it all coming together.

How serendipitous that NothingButKnit would come out with a color quiz this week, so let’s go:

  • What is your favorite color? How is this color reflected in your crafting? My all-time favorite is blue; the iridescent blue of a peacock feather, if we’re being really specific. All blues are welcome, though, and a close follow up would be green. What a shocker, right? I can hear the faraway cries of “You just had a whole paragraph about you and the color gray!” Gray is a neutral, and I think having a neutral as your favorite color is sad.
  • Do you prefer bright colors or more subdued shades? Ooh, this depends. I like looking at bright colors, but I feel more comfortable wearing subdued shades. Honestly, I love that there’s room in the world for both.
  • Does your color mood shift with the seasons? Do you carry one color all year and just change the accent color? I feel like this question is intended for someone who plans a lot better than I do! The most noticeable shift is in the fall. I’m so eager for it when it arrives, I immediately seek out those lovely autumn hues. Accent colors are chosen based on whatever the main color is! I’ve taken color theory classes. I’m (usually) pretty confident when it comes to that.
  • Is there a color you avoid? Or maybe it’s underrepresented in your crafting? Yellow, maybe? Which is dumb, it was my favorite color as a child. I think it’s because a lots of shades can be quite jarring. Also, right this moment, orange. That’s my school’s color, and I’m frankly a little sick of looking at it.
  • When you pick out your crafting supplies how important is color to you? Is it the first thing you consider or is it a bit further down the list? This also depends. I will say, if I’m browse-yarn-shopping, and a color I normally don’t care for jumps out at me, it’s the very first thing on the list. I usually have to have it. A great example of this is my Wallaby Sweater(Ravelry Link). Like I said, orange is not usually my go-to. Neither is brown (because gray is my neutral, as I’ve said). But this shade in between the two just wouldn’t let me go. And sure, the turquoise carries some of the weight there, but the brown is was really sealed the deal for that project.
  • Do you ever consciously choose a different color palette just for the change? Absolutely! Life is too short.

You should pop over to NothingButKnit’s original post and post your own answers!

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