Camp Loopy: August

Another project down to the wire.

Barrey Hiking Vest steek

My Camp Loopy Barrey Hiking Vest (see it on Ravelry) was steeked and finished yesterday (well before midnight, at least). I’m not as confident with the crochet steek as I was the machine sewn one, but that’s my fault. There wasn’t colorwork throughout on the vest, so I carried up the contrast color for the steek stitches. That means they weren’t secured by the crochet slip stitches.

Fortunately, the wool is really sticky, so it’s holding up pretty well. I think I still will stitch on some ribbon to really lock that all in.

Finished Barrey Hiking Vest

Overall, I’m really thrilled with it! And so happy I completed all three months of camp this year!

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