Adventures NOT at the Ren Fest: Third Weekend

This year, Worldwide Spin in Public Day snuck up on me. I normally don’t have to plan for it, ’cause I’m always spinning out at Faire. Of course, that wasn’t an option this year.

I’m not too mad about that, though. It always felt like cheating a bit, since the spirit of the holiday is to bring the craft to the attention of people who otherwise wouldn’t see it. People expect to see spinning at a renaissance festival, because to them, the past is where that craft belongs.

Emma spinning on a Turkish drop spindle at Boulevard Beer Hall

Imagine my joy when a friend asked me to accompany her as a safety date to the Boulevard Beer Hall. Even better, they’ve blocked off a parking lot into a make-shift, socially-distanced patio. I felt safe, the weather was gorgeous, the beer was good, and the company was better. It was the best time I’ve had in a long time (AND I got to spin in a bar setting, so perfect for the holiday).

Sunday was a bit more laid-back. Met up with some college friends on their lovely balcony (we had surprisingly stunning weather the whole weekend!) to spin some more. I got through the first two ounces of the money yarn, so slower going than it would’ve been out at Faire, but I won’t complain about it.

A grey sock cuff with an out-of-focus jazz duo in the background

That evening, members of the 627 Stomp, a jazz nonprofit here in Kansas City, pooled funds to hire one of our favorite jazz duos to play a socially-distant concert in a member’s yard. This was also extremely lovely, but no spinning. I stuck to my Coexist socks(Ravelry link) for the F*ck this Knit Fandom Sock KAL.

So far, I’m still relishing those silver linings. Have yet to really be sad that I’m not out at Faire this year, and I hope that continues!

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