Goodbye, 2020

And I hope the door hits it on the way out.

I also hope that you’ve made it to the end of this collectively horrid year. I’d say “I hope you’ve made it well,” but why add extra requirements? It was hard enough to make it here at all. So if you did, I’m proud of you, and let’s keep trudging to that light at the end of the tunnel.

This post is usually reserved for an update on how my goals faired in the previous year. As you may expect, they didn’t fair well. Like I said, making it through this year is the major achievement, but in the interest of transparency, here is how my goals faired in 2020:

MakeNine2020: I decided on more of a prompt MakeNine2020. Here’s the original post from @heybrownberry:

And here’s how I did:

Nine grid of crafting projects: A blue tank, a brown ball of yarn, a white tank, and purple knitting project, a red knitting project, a gray hat, handmade masks, a green hat, a pink crochet project

This doesn’t look a thing like I expected it would (so it matches just about everything else this year). As you can see, I didn’t finish my hot water bottle cover, my Beddington Shawl, or my donation to Project Linus. I wasn’t even able to cast on my Horned Dorset hat, but in 2020, I’ll accept five out of nine.

Publish six new designs: Didn’t even publish one, really. I cleaned up my class handout for the Eco Face Pads back in March, but technically those were “designed” in 2019. This one is decidedly a fail.

Knit or crochet a handspun sweater: This one didn’t get done either. I did finish a 4+ year old sweater WIP, though, which again, I’ll count this year.

My personal goals didn’t fair much better. Travel goals became unattainable. I stopped trying to draw in March. I didn’t read like I hoped I would, and I definitely didn’t write like I hoped I would. However, this blog still stands, so I’ll count that last one as a win, too.

Three "crazy quilt" blanket squares

I’ll also claim this other small win: A goal that came about when the pandemic hit was my Years in Yarn blanket. Here’s the full year in all its glory. I may not have crafted what I planned, but admittedly a lot of other crafting happened this year.

This is when I would share my goals for 2021, but I truly want to put this year behind me. In my next post, I’ll share my plans for the new year. Until then, let’s all take care of ourselves. We deserve it.

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