Not too long ago, I had a heck of a time getting some crocheted squares to lay flat. It took binging all of Floor is Lava to figure it out, but I did!

While that was certainly the hardest part of the whole endeavor, I kept getting a little overwhelmed at all there was to do with the project. Once the squares were all done, I had to join them. Once that was done, I had to make all the cats and attach them, too. Then I had to make the back of the pillow. It was a ton of work, BUT LOOK AT IT:

Many Cats Cushion


When I was tricked (read: I suggested it to my friend, and they actually took me up on it…) into making this pillow, I was worried it was too kitschy. I am confident now that it is exactly the right amount of kitschy.

One cat square, with a calico cat
This was my favorite cat!

And most importantly, the recipient agreed. That’s really what makes are the hard work and frustration worth it, really; when someone you care about loves the work you did for them. I have never been so equally happy and sad to see a project go, though!

If you’d like, you can view the Ravelry project page here.

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