Adventures NOT at the Ren Fest: Second Weekend

The No-Faire Spinning Tour is still going strong!

Emma spinning on a concrete patio

My first stop Saturday was my friends’, Becca and Andrew, patio in Midtown. It was a lovely day for it, and it was a prime location to head to Yarn Social for the fall LYS Day!

Emma holding a Yarn Social shopping bag outside of the store

I’m counting this as a silver lining, even though there would be no fall LYS Day if everything were normal. The shop’s custom colorway was beautiful, and I love a good mystery, so I grabbed two of the mystery bags.

I’d say I got a pretty great haul!

Sunday was just a little bit closer to Faire, because all of us at Wolf ‘n’ Sheep’s Clothing got together for some socially distant crafting!

Selfie of Chrissy, Marci, and Emma, distanced, outside on a deck

It was so lovely to see these ladies again. As the icing on the cake, Chrissy made her famous blondies, which was the last remaining thing I was truly missing from Faire. What a great feeling, and it’s only the second weekend!

Looking forward to some more decks and patios in the weekends to come!

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