Social DisSpinning?

It will probably come as no surprise that the Kansas City Renaissance Festival has been cancelled this year. While I am disappointed, a disappointment that hasn’t gotten any less difficult to deal with the more life events I lose to COVID, I completely understand. It was the right call to make.

Like every other disappointment, I’m looking for that silver lining. What positive can I pull from this? Sure, I won’t be dressing in garb, and driving all the way out to site, to have playtrons yell at me that Marci’s beautiful work is too expensive. I don’t have to be outside in the heat, cold, rain, and mud. I won’t be spinning for hours while random men come up and tell me how my “sewing machine” works.

The one thing I can do, with or without the festival, is to spin for hours on my weekends.

I actually have barely touched any spinning project since our lockdown began. This would be a great opportunity to tackle some of those large spinning projects I’ve been putting off.

I still have that Hog Island fleece and money art yarn from my last Tour de Fleece that aren’t finished.

I have Horned Dorset and Gulf Coast sock yarns for Mom and me that need to keep moving to make the Shave ’em to Save ’em deadline.

destroyed felted slipper in sink

I’m still devising a plan to get felted slippers from Reba seconds, so I’ll need to spin more yarn for those.

A bobbin half full of a tweedy brown yarn, five Turkish turtles in assorted colors, and a Turkish drop spindle.

And if I get sick of the wheel, maybe I’ll finally finish my Ply Away sample spindle project (Ravelry link).

This has me a little excited about fall again. If any of my local friends want to help and have outdoor spaces where I can spin in the elements while you yell weird things at me from safe, social distance, it would be a good attempt to recreate the Faire experience I’m missing!

5 thoughts on “Social DisSpinning?

  1. I would be more than happy to yell Renaissance-esque things at you whilst you spin. Stuff like, “Lavinia is afflicted with the Shudders and must commit to blood-letting in order to cure it.” Or, “Minerva died at 21, an old maid,” Or, “Eat the rich.” You know me, just happy to help.

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