Adventures NOT at the Ren Fest: First Weekend

I know I’ve shared with you my plan to find silver linings with the Kansas City Renaissance Festival being cancelled, but it’s gotten way better in practice.

When I first shared my disappointment in the cancelled season, a couple of my bubble friends decided if we couldn’t go to the Ren Fest, we’d make our own Ren Fest.

We all put on our garb, grabbed our favorite adult beverages, put a Faire music playlist on the speaker, and just had a grand, ye-old time on my friends’ porch. I brought my wheel, of course, to start on the money yarn project. It’s not turning out how I expected, but it’s making me all the more excited for the finished yarn!

That was Saturday. Sunday gave me an opportunity to tackle yet another silver lining.

Emma spinning on a spindle in a field of sunflowers

I am a Kansan, and sunflowers are my favorite flower. So, I was always bummed to see everyone’s Grinter Farms sunflower photos when I couldn’t take my own. I always worked all of Labor Day weekend when Faire was in session, so I never had the energy (or gas) to go out to Lawrence. This was my year! It was just as beautiful as I imagined, and now I have gorgeous sunflower photos, too.

Even with the trip, there was plenty of time for some more deck spinning (and I finally got to break in my Ashford’s new cup holder!).

Blue, Turkish cop in front of a city view

Monday was another great, lazy day with bubble friends, eating good food and playing board games. I managed to get a little bit of spindle spinning done with just as good a view as I would have got out at Faire.

So far, I’m really enjoying this altered season. Looking forward to spinning on some more decks and patios in the coming weekends!

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