Training for the Tour

Tour de Fleece is kicking off next week! Since our guild is forming a team, I’m hoping to participate again, even though I’m struggling to work on a baby blanket, a sweater test-knit, and a new knit-along starting in July…

I’ll make it work. I think I just need to cut back a little. Last year, the goal was to spin a sweater quantity. This year, I’m torn between two smaller projects:

Hog island fleece shave 'em to save 'em

I have this whole Hog Island fleece for Shave ’em to Save ’em. I would have to skirt, clean, half (’cause the other half is going to another participant!), and comb it before the tour starts. I’ve only done one SE2SE project so far, so I’d like to keep going on it.

money art yarn materials

OR I’ve had an art yarn project in mind for the last six years and the materials to make it since last summer. This I would need to blend on my blending board before the tour starts. I love playing with add-ins, and since we have the Money Museum downtown, I was inspired! Of course, this was something with a “deadline” of last summer.

What do you think? Should I work on the fun, funky project or the workhorse project since I have the tour for motivation? Should I try to catch up on an old deadline or try to make an upcoming one? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll get to prepping this weekend!

Are you participating in the tour as well? If so, leave me a comment about what you’re working on this year!

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