In (Embroidery) Stitches

Last weekend, I invested in another virtual class.

Shannon Downey, the funny craftivist behind Badass Cross Stitch, is offering zoom embroidery lessons while she roams the country in her RV during a pandemic. I feel like “badass” is an understatement.

While I have some embroidery experience, I eagerly signed up for her class. I was so looking forward to seeing her exhibit at the National Quilting Museum last spring, which was, of course, put off by the pandemic. As I’ve said before, I never feel like money spent on education is wasted. Even if it’s something I already have some knowledge in, I always pick up a trick or two.

I got more than that in Shannon’s class, for sure. Even though it was embroidery basics, so many things she taught us made the work almost effortless. I was dumbfounded I hadn’t known some of these before.

I’m not going to share them with you today, because I hope, if they’re of interest to you, you will sign up for her class as well. There’s another one coming up Saturday, and based on her previous classes, I will guess there will be one the Saturday following. It was a great group, and I so enjoyed every moment we spent talking shop and stitching.

Now to get back into embroidery when I really should be knitting…

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