Social DisKnitting: Day 19

Coming at you live from my apartment (of course) to show you what projects gave me sanity over the last week.

I chose to cast on the Crimson KAL first, and it is coming along nicely:

blue-green cast-on in front of  a laptop

I haven’t cast on the crop top yet. My goal was to keep my cast-on-itis in check, but these are strange times. In trying to show myself some kindness and work on what I want, I did cast on other projects this week:

Green cast-on in front of a computer

I’m making myself a reusable menstrual pad. It’s something I’ve thought about making for a long time, and when I had need for pads this week, it was a great reminder. This is brand new territory for me, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

The other project I started more out of desire to tidy up my place: a Years in Yarn blanket. I first saw this after the new year, and thought it would be a fun, scrapbook-esque project. The recipe calls for more “planning” than I plan to put into it (not much planning, but still more than I plan to put into it!). I’m hoping to do my pieces in the same stitch patterns as their projects, or as close as I can.

different size squares sewn together

This is the start of a lower half of an eight inch square: yarns from my She’s a Betty Bonnets, my dice bag, my Gully, and some crocheted baskets I made. The squares will have a garter border in a yet undetermined color. I’ll probably buy one of those pound balls for that when this is all over.

To be fair, I’ve made pretty decent progress on some old WIPs, too. Here’s the Fisherman’s Rib scarf and my Wonderful Wallaby:

2/3 of a sweater and 1/3 of a scarf

I also finished the knitting part of my Rebel Skull and Crossbones hat that I haven’t touched since the Super Bowl. Now I’m on to the duplicate stitch:

A white hat with a design forming in red

That’s the progress I have made this last week! Please leave me a comment about your social disknitting projects or tag them on social with #fiberadventures.

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