A Decade of Yarn: 2021

I’m so, so glad that I have reached this milestone.

When I started my Decade in Yarn project, I was so good about making my swatches for each project as I went. Yes, I was home and had nothing better to do, but still. I’ve said a few times that I lost a lot of my crafting mojo this last year. Up until June or so, I was still keeping pretty good pace with it. When the mojo finally came back, I was so in the flow that I completely forgot to continue my practice of little swatches.

That means I’ve been on these little swatches since the holiday gifts wrapped… Which is the worst time, honestly. After the holidays, there are so many fun projects I’d rather work on and start, but I didn’t. I was fairly diligent on making sure I had this milestone completed in a timely manner.

Three blocks of yarns used in 2022

And part of me is glad I did? I have a goal now to aim for three squares a year. That’ll make the blanket a total of six squares by five; a nice, round size. No year should be able to dominate the other. Of course, there’s still eight years to go, so we’ll see.

Now that it’s done, I’m going to work on some fun, new projects before I catch up on the 2022 swatches!

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