Social DisKnitting: Day 12

How’s everybody holding up?

I’m better than I have been, which I guess is all we can ask for in these crazy times. I just keep looking for the positives, the silver linings. One of those is all of the crafting I can do in the comfort of my home.

When it became clear that this was going to be the norm for a while, I wanted to be pragmatic about it. No need to buy yarn. I have an insane amount of WIPs, and I’m going to use this time to pare it down to a reasonable number.

Those of you who know me are laughing, I know. It took about three days for me to break on buying yarn, and about six for me to break on casting on some new pandemic knit-alongs. The first is the Crimson KAL, hosted by Fennel and Fiber. The next is Jessie Maed my little secret crop MKAL, which I am so excited about.

Red Sagittate cowl
Text post that reads "my little seacret crop top mkal"

I have gotten one finished object (so far) out of my social distance crafting: the Gully tank, from my summer knitting list.

The open back of a periwinkle tank top

As far as my pile of WIPs, here’s what’s at the top: I have a few birthday gifts I’m eager to get done. Some of them are a surprise, but here are the ones that aren’t:

I also have a Wonderful Wallaby sweater that was stuck on sleeve island for years. Then I got the sleeves done, and I haven’t touched it since… Hoping to get it finished just in time for it to be too hot to wear!

Wonderful Wallaby Sweater

What are you all working on as you social distance? What’s your system for what to work on? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Social DisKnitting: Day 12

  1. I’m still working on the striped blanket I started over a year ago, but its nice to know its coming along at a reasonable pace now. 🙂 I think the biggest question will be what to do next!

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  2. I am knitting socks and just finished my Love Note. Wearing it for the first time at this very moment! My spirits are improving. I have to keep to a somewhat regular schedule, or the funk settles in.

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