Eco Face Pads Pattern

I’ve been working on another set of these Tunisian Crochet Eco Face Pads for a friend. You might recall I taught this as a class last year.

Then I had the thought, if people can’t go to classes, bring the class to them. That’s been everyone’s plan with social distancing, right? So I took my class handout, cleaned it up a bit, and now it’s a free pattern on Ravelry.

Having just done a set, I can tell you these are an ideal social distancing project: small, quick, and you’re on to a new stitch by the time you’re bored of the last one. Not to mention, they’ll cut back on waste since you’ll no longer need the one-use cotton rounds. Win-win.

I wanted to make it as easy to learn Tunisian crochet as I can, so I found videos for all of the stitches and linked them in the pattern. No affiliate links or anything like that, just videos I thought were clear and helpful, since the written word just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

If you make a set, I’d love to see a photo. Tag them on social media with the hashtag #fiberadventures.

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