Headin’ Out West

I’m looking ahead to The Studio’s Winter Retreat, which was held in downtown Kansas City last year. However, this year we’re moving the party to Gardner, an old Kansas town where the Sante Fe and Oregon trails intersected. We’re trading in our city slicker vibes for those of the pioneer!

While browsing Pinterest right after this announcement, I found the She’s a Betty Bonnet by Balls to the Walls Knits. It’s a cute, “earflap” hat that resembles the headwear of our foremothers as they loaded their covered wagons for a better life out west. How perfect, I thought, and decided I would teach it as a class at The Studio this month!

It starts flat before you start knitting in the round. Twists make the fun, “cabled” panels on the front and back of the hat. Then, you can finish them off with tassels, braids, or nothing at all! Then you can roll the brim, if you want.

You can register here for the class, or by calling The Studio at 816-531-4466. It’ll be, dare I say, the wildest class in the wilderness!

(Then I hope you’ll join us for this year’s retreat! You can register here.)

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