Crochet with Scale Mail

I have been trying to get in a D&D campaign for at least the last decade, and now it has finally happened!!

I’m beyond excited. We have such a great DM, and the party seems just the right amounts of serious and “I want a lion companion with a flower mane.” If I’m being completely honest, though, there was a huge, fiber-arts-related reason why I wanted in on a campaign: I wanted to make a scale mail dice bag.

Copper Dice Bag and coordinating dice

“But Emma,” I hear someone say “You don’t have to be in a D&D campaign to make a dice bag.” I know this, but what fun is having a dice bag (with a coordinating set of dice) if you don’t have a campaign to go to and show it off? It would be like knitting the most fabulous lace shawl and never wearing it out of the house. Possible? Sure. Disappointing? Absolutely.

The best part about working with the scales? It was so. easy. You don’t need any additional tools, and there was no point when it became tiresome.

scale lined up with the next stitch

You just line up your scale with the next stitch.

halfway through a single crochet around the scale

And single crochet the stitch as normal.

Finished single crochet around scale

That scale isn’t going anywhere, and the only extra effort you needed to get it on your project was to pick it up. I’m so happy with it I could squeal (and have).

Now, please excuse my while I make a roll for initiative.

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