A Record Breaker (Maybe)

I have been looking forward to today for a while. Not because it’s Valentine’s Day, even though I always treat myself on Valentine’s. No, I was looking forward to today because I got accepted to be a part of the stress test at the new KCI terminal! If you’re not from KC, let me explain. […]

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Line Knitting

I didn’t post on Tuesday because I was in Disneyland! Just a short trip to spend some time with some Disney friends. The one thing you can always count on in Disney is lines, lots of long lines. Phones today are super helpful with that, but batteries can only last so long. I always make […]

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Road Block(ing)

As previously mentioned, I was out of town this last weekend to attend my godbrother’s wedding. Road trips usually bring out my restless crafting syndrome, so I make a point to bring multiple projects (cause a little progress on five projects is still progress!). However, this trip I found myself getting a rhythm on my […]

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Mass Ave Knit Shop

I love weddings, particularly when the people getting married are awesome. This last weekend, my family crammed into my dad’s minivan to make the trek to Cincinnati, OH where my godbrother married his high school sweetheart. It was all-around perfect, but the festivities didn’t leave me any time for my usual LYS explorations, so Mom […]

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