Project Packing: Disney Edition

Here soon, I’m going to head back to my happy place: Walt Disney World. That’s right, I am that childless millennial that’s out here to ruin your Disney vacation (this is a joke, for those who didn’t already know!).

I’m so excited, ’cause I haven’t been back in a long time and so much has changed! I’m going with one friend who has never been before, and I’ll get to see his eyes light up with childlike joy with every magical happening. I’m also freaking terrified ’cause I haven’t been on a plane since the before times, and I picked Florida, you know the high-on-bath-salts state where all the wildlife was already trying to kill you, for my first trip out. At least I used to live in Orlando and have a level of familiarity. That should help.

And of course, the other surefire way to calm my nerves is a good project. Because I always pack these before I pack my clothes, here’s the latest installment of Project Packing!

I kept it light this time, because it’s a short trip and a lot of the time will be spent riding rides, eating delicious foods, and making memories with my friends. I’m only bringing two projects, which is wild to me, but also shows character growth!

Projects for the Disney trip

As for as my self-imposed project packing rules, deadline was really the one that won out this trip, but I’m realizing now variety and concentration levels made sneaky appearances. I have been commissioned to make a Jayhawk set for a new born, and that deadline is swiftly approaching. Technically, it was the second project I decided to bring.

The first is really special and a must-pack for me: the original Line Knitting project. It’s a pair of vanilla socks, but the yarn changes colors in strategic places for a perfectly matching pair. The yarn was actually a going-away present from one of my favorite Studio regulars when I moved to Orlando all those years ago. I am determined to finish them at some point, but I get so much joy working on them in the parks (and I have some great stories, but that may be for another time!).

See you all on the other, less-magical side!

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