Corset Coffee Cozy

Holiday knitting is now in full swing! First on my list is an appropriately themed coffee cup cozy for my Ren Fest friend, Chrissy. I designed this corset a couple of seasons ago, so I’m super bummed that I missed making her one then, but now I have something for her for Christmas!

corset coffee cozy

And really, who wouldn’t love a corset for their coffee? Here’s how you do it:


  • 35-40 yards of worsted weight yarn in two different colors, mostly for the main color of the body of the corset. The “lacy” edges don’t take very much yarn at all
  • Size 7 double point needles (or circulars for magic loop, you do you)
  • About a yard of thin grosgrain ribbon
  • At least one tapestry needle (two would be better)

First up is the picots. With your coordinating color, using the knit cast-on, cast on five stitches and then bind-off two. Repeat until you have a total of 42 stitches (14 picots).

Divide the stitches up between your needles as you like (I like twelve stitches on needle 1, eighteen on needle 2, and twelve on needle 3), then join to knit in the round. Switch to the main color, and knit 21 rounds in knit one, purl two ribbing.

Now, switch to your coordinating color. Using the knit cast-on (you’ll start on the first main color stitch on your left-hand needle), cast on three stitches and bind off five. *Slip the right hand loop (in your coordinating color) to the left hand needle, cast on two, bind off five. Repeat from * around until you’re out of stitches. Finish off and weave in your ends.

corset coffee cozy

Of course it’s not a corset until you lace it up! It’s super similar to lacing up your tennis shoes. Thread your ribbon onto your tapestry needle. Pick a column of knit stitches, and use the needle to go under both legs of the bottom most stitch. Skip the next two columns of knit stitches, and do the same with the bottom most stitch of the column after that (There will be three purl sections in between). If you can, thread the other end on to a different tapestry needle (or use the same one and switch sides).

Pick a side that will always go first (mine’s the right), and thread the needle on that side through the stitch four up from the previously threaded stitch in the column on the left. Do the same with the other side, the left needle into the column on the right, four stitches up from the last one. Continue in that manner until you reach the top. Tie it in a bow, and trim the ends of the ribbon if you need to.

Finally, get yourself a hot beverage and dress your cup in your new masterpiece!

If you make one, tag your pictures with #fiberadventures. I’d love to see them!

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